Degen Bunnies Experience Points

Holding Degen Bunnies Experience Points (DBXP) will make you a Degen Bunnies shareholder. This means that you gain the following benefits:
  • We share our revenues from all Degen Valley initiatives with the DBXP holders, e.g. revenue from degenview.ai
  • We share our revenues from future Degen Bunnies NFT drops. (We have already cool ideas in mind).
  • If you like, you receive voting rights by having DBXP. Vote on the future of the Degen Bunnies project and help us select the right initiatives. Meet the core team in the Bunny Lounge.
The revenue percentage will be defined per initiative and per drop.
To clarify, Degen Bunnies Experience Points (DBXP) are not a token. All 24h, we will take automatically wallet snapshots. Our script will check for the amount and type of Degen Valley Buildings NFTs + for the amount of Degen Bunnies NFTs in your wallet. All bunny spaces in a building must be fully occupied, so that you receive DBXP. The DBXP per wallet will be aggregated in a DBXP leaderboard on a separate website. The higher you rank in the leaderboard (the more DBXP you hold), the more benefits you receive. You are competing with your peers for influence in the Degen Bunnies ecosystem. Earn more DBXP by holding higher building tiers.
JWhy do we not implement a token?
You might wonder, why we do not implement a Degen Bunnies token. => We have checked this option intensively. However, the regulation in our home country makes it very costly and difficult to create a token. Since we want to lead the Degen Bunnies project in the long-term and we want to avoid legal difficulties, we will not implement a Degen Bunnies token. At least for the time being.