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Degen Valley Region

The Degen Valley region attracts the brightest bunnies from all around the globe
The Degen Bunnies settle down in the Degen Valley region. The region consists of:
  • Degen Valley Land NFTs
  • Degen Valley Carrot NFTs
  • Degen Valley Building NFTs
These three collections are minted in 2023. To sum it up, Degen Valley Building NFTs, in combination with Degen Bunnies NFTs, generate Degen Bunnies Experience Points (DBXP). These DBXP make you a shareholder of the Degen Bunnies project. Being a shareholder comes with many benefits.
The Degen Valley Buildings NFTs are constructed by burning Degen Valley Land NFTs and Degen Valley Carrot NFTs to the right amount. Degen Valley Land NFTs will be sold. Degen Valley Carrot NFTs will be airdropped to existing Degen Bunnies NFT holders (OG and Ancient collection).
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