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Degen Valley Initiatives

Initiatives to make Cardano even better

The rationale behind Degen Valley initiatives

Degen Valley is meant to be the home for people, who strive to advance the Cardano NFT ecosystem. For people who are passionate, creative and have the courage to tackle new things that do not exist yet. We see so many CNFT projects that are doing all the same, delivering no value except the value of trading. We want to be different, we aim to build a network of innovators. We envision that Degen Valley thrives on many initiatives that bring the Cardano NFT market ahead. Some led by the Degen Bunnies core team, some by the Degen Bunnies community. We have noticed many talented people in our community. Those initiatives shall benefit Cardano and also directly the Degen Bunnies community. If initiatives are run by community members, they receive funding and consulting from the Degen Bunnies core team.

Benefits for Degen Bunnies NFT holders

  1. 1.
    Utility: Utility of initiatives are made accessible to the Degen Valley Buildings NFT holders*. It will be assessed per initiative what kind of buildings are needed to get access.
  2. 2.
    Revenue: If revenue is generated from Degen Valley initiatives, they are distributed among initiative owners and DBXP** holders. The distribution is assessed per initiative.
  3. 3.
    Voting Rights: Community can vote on pre-selected initiatives.
*Degen Valley Buildings NFTs are explained here Degen Valley Buildings
**DBXP is explained here Degen Bunnies Experience Points

The first Degen Valley initiative: Degenview

The first Degen Valley initiative called DEGENVIEW will be led by the Degen Bunnies core team. With Degen View ( we are building the first smart money monitoring platform on Cardano. Learn more about it here: DEGENVIEW