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NFT Collections

Art at its finest
So far, we have released two collections on the Cardano Blockchain:
Degen Bunnies
Degen Bunnies - Ancients
Our OG collection was sold out in Sept 2022 (in the deepest bear market). We sold 6'666 bunnies. Mint price was 45 ADA. We kept the mint price low, as we sold the project as a community & art first project without promising any utility.
To say thanks to our loyal supporters, we minted a limited collection of 555 Ancient Bunnies in January 2023. A WL spot could be earned by a higher holder role or by holding rare traits of the OG collection. Mint fee was 20 ADA + one bunny from the OG collection had to be burned.
Supply: 6'111 bunnies
Supply: 555 bunnies