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Welcome to the Degen Valley Vision Paper. Thank you for your interest.


The Degen Valley vision paper, including the summary, is a working document and any information is subject to change.

Degen Bunnies has always been advertised as a community and art NFT project only. This is the reason, why the OG collection only cost 45 ADA. Further funds are needed to introduce a real utility to this project, such as the envisioned Degen Valley and Degen View. This gitbook is a vision paper (not a whitepaper, utility paper) and describes only a possible future of the project. If funds cannot be raised, it will not be possible to introduce the described utility and the project remains an art and community project only.

Nothing in this document is financial advice, nor a promise of monetary gain.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us in our Bunny Lounge (Discord).

You can find a summary of the Vision paper here:

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